Department Of Student Affairs and Alumni (JHEPA)

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh and peace to all. Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah Ta’ala with His grace, thanks to the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, thanks to our teachers, and the blessing of our mother and the wisdom of our father; thus given us the opportunity to meet here. Representing all staff, I am welcoming all visitors to JHEPA site to share information, feedback and get any information needed from time to time.

The National Education Philosophy has set the primary goal of national education that is to create a balanced and harmonious individual in terms of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical-based firm holds and trust in God. In this regard, KUIPs always strives to produce its holistic and balanced graduates spiritually and physically, in line with the government’s desire to make Malaysia a Developing Country by 2020. JHEPA also embraces the trust and responsibility, taking its place and role, and always committed to every KUIPs’ vision and mission.

Our pledge is here. The commitment of all JHEPA staffs in educating is always high, encouraging and guiding our customers especially KUIPs’ students in effort to develop quality graduates in all aspects and personality.

We at JHEPA believe that students are a valuable state treasury. They come with a unique set of talents and abilities that are unique and useful to the people and the country. These treasures need to be explored, generated and transformed, as well as the formation of leadership models and soft skills, ensuring marketability when graduating so that it can then be returned to the ummah (community) as a high-value and respectable product. It is therefore our responsibility that students take advantage of the optimum possible, of all the opportunities enjoyed and owned as long as they are on the earth of knowledge to craft their best potential and value.

JHEPAs doors are always open to assist KUIPs students. Make the inputs and information provided on this site as references in any dealings related to the planning of their own activities or development. The ability of students to adapt and mobilize their resources and expertise creatively will spur the wishes of graduates as targeted by the KUIPs. Finally, try to personalize yourself because at KUIPs, everything is available for you. Good luck!

Thank you.

“Welfare of Students, One Honor”

Department of Student Affairs & Alumni
Islamic University College Perlis (KUIPs)

The balance between spiritual and physical needs is central to the development of holistic students.

Become a "pioneer of change" in harmonizing students' academic excellence and academic excellence in line with the university's vision and mission to produce internationally-educated and competent human beings.

Being committed to providing conducive, productive and student-friendly environment, facilities and facilities through a professional synergy and quality student service.

Quality objective
i. Targeting over 80% of student accommodation and amenities are in a safe and comfortable environment.

ii. To ensure that 100% of the students will graduate successfully with 7 Pillars of KUIPs.

iii. Targeting 90% of students' cases and problems involving welfare and student assistance are solved.

Customer Charter
The following is a charter for the Student Affairs & Alumni Affairs Department:
1. Ensure that any complaints received by students are resolved within 24 hours and are re-informed to the complainant
2. Provide emergency assistance in less than 30 minutes after complaints are received
3. Provide charitable assistance within 7 working days
4. Provide at least 90% of comfortable and safe accommodation to students during each study session
5. Ensuring that at least 80% of the high quality personality development and leadership qualities that are planned in the current year can be implemented.
6. Ensure all student activity applications are processed and approved within 14 working days
7. Ensure that at least 95% of the student's sponsorship and financing arrangements are managed

Core Value

I - Istiqamah
"Transparent" and consistency in performing tasks and service delivery

H - Holistic
Synchronize values in the tasks and services provided

S - Sharp
Sharpness of mind and knowledge and research of every action made

A - Accurate
Timeliness and compliance of customer charter

N - Noble
Showing high moral qualities and noble personalities

"Welfare of Students, One Honor"