Sponsorship Unit

1. Sponsorship Unit

The Vision

Reduce financial problems / loans for education and cares about student’s excellence.


Identify and increase the number of sponsors from both government and corporate, and approach the information with financial assistance toward students.


• Generate various alternative sources of funds as financial assistance.

• Strengthening the relation with the sponsor.

• To achieve the target of 95% of new students registered with sponsor.

• Increase student sponsorship administration through planning and effective management.

• Reduce bureaucracy student sponsorship management.

• Facilitate and diversify sources of communication.

Key Features

• Coordinate and manage the student sponsorship.

• To help the financial problems of students with existing loans to the needed person.

• Provide information regarding sponsorship and financial assistance.

Services provided:

1. PTPTN loan application.

2. MARA Education Loan Scheme (SIP).

3. Mara Education Foundation.

4. ANGKASA Foundation.

5. State Foundation / Private Ground State.

6. Zakat Agency / Baitulmal Whole Malaysia.

7. Bank Rakyat Foundation

Release Info

• Announcement of Financial Assistance will be provided to all students who are new or have been registered (Full Time).

• Information about financial assistance is available on the official website as well http://kuips.edu.my and The latest announcements about sponsorship assistance/ loans at facebook on link KUIPs Sponsorship Unit.

• Any sponsorship information will be publicized through the websites and facebook.