Faculty of Muamalah & Management

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. On behalf of our students and staff faculty, welcome to Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPS).


With access to Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPS) you will be a successful people, it is because KUIPs is a unique educational institution based on fund development and generations of human resources through the concept of the Waqf Education Program (PWP) which is new in Malaysia. An unwavering commitment to inspiring student success, and we are proud to offer one of the best values in higher education.


I am especially excited about all of the momentum at our college. Below are just a few reasons why this is a great time to be a part of the Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPs) family:


  • Our students have more opportunities than ever before to grow beyond the classroom.
  • We have amazing faculty members who are leaders in their field and innovators in the classroom. I am proud to note that our faculty.
  • While I enjoy sharing these new developments, I want to emphasize that none of this changes our mission to support and inspire our students. Everything we do at Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPs) to help our students succeed academically, personally and professionally.


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Dean, Faculty of Muamalah and Management (FPM)

Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPs)

To produce a professional and competitive Muslim in Islamic Banking, Business Management, Islamic Finance, Entrepreneurship, Islamic Management, Accounting and Economics. Faculty graduates are expected to lead the community in various areas of Muamalat based on Al-Quran and Sunnah.

To achieve academic excellence based on quality Islamic working culture through the preparation of various courses which meets industry and country needs. Also to produce professional and competitive graduates in achieving market and industry requirements through excellent Islamic learning culture.

The success of a nation is normally measured not only in terms of its godly faith but also in its effort to live life well. Today’s world requires the modern and progressive Muslims to be competent in ‘Tauhid’ and ‘Syariah’ as well as Muamalat, entrepreneur and administration knowledge in order to be successful in life hereafter.


The area of Muamalat (Islamic business transactions) administration and entrepreneur are the subjects that has been studied in the Islamic world since the era of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. It provides Muslims with guidance in human relationships as well as organized the structure of Human Resource Management.


It is hoped that the Faculty of Muamalat and Management, Islamic University College of Perlis (KUIPs) will be another channel to produce graduates who are knowledgeable, skillful and professional in the field of Muamalat administration, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Besides, it is also the aspiration of the University that the Faculty will uphold the principles of Islam by creating more opportunities for experts and intellects to expand the knowledge. InsyaAllah.

  1. Foundation of Muamalah
  2. Diploma In Islamic Banking
  3. Diploma In Islamic Wealth Management
  4. Bachelor Of Business Administration
  5. Bachelor Of Business Administration Hons (Entreprenuer)
  6. Bachelor Of Islamic Banking And Finance Hons
  7. Bachelor Of Muamalat Management (Wealth Management)