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About Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis

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Over the past few decades, The State of Perlis is vying to be a leading Educational Hub with its main motto; "Perlis Negeri Ilmu". Perlis aims to attract students to be a catalyst for its economic development and the improvement of social communities. In order to realize this aspiration, the Perlis Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs (MAIPs) has worked together with His Royal Highness Raja Muda of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibni Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail to establish the Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) for which the establishment itself is approved by the Ministry of Education.

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Student Admission

A Building With Four Walls And Tomorrow Inside


Ensuring the international students to acquire a valid student pass to stay and study in KUIPs and to resolve any arising matters in relation to visa application and renewal.


We offer you a chance to specialize in today’s most exciting and dynamic fields, with matching career prospects.


Various courses and programme to choose from


Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

You can help your next-generation family members, from an early age, to understand what leadership is all about. You can help them to see that being a leader will enable them to use their gifts and talents to contribute to the world around them and that this act will also bring many rewards perhaps wealth and prestige but, more importantly, the joy and satisfaction that come with helping others or building an enterprise.

Siti Nur Ikhwani Mohd Hashim Conveyancing staff (Loan documentation) Law firm
Faculty Perniagaan dan Sains Pengurusan (FPSP)

Without a doubt, the most important contribution you can make to the leadership development to other(s) is to be an exemplary leader yourself.

Muhd Nur Ridzuan bin Muktar Event executive at Setia Alam, Selangor
Faculty Perniagaan dan Sains Pengurusan

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.

Siti Nurzakirah binti Rusli CIMB Berhad (Personal Financial Advisor)
Fakulti Perniagaan dan Sains Pengurusan

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.
― Hermann Hesse, Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend