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Welcome to Center for Graduate Studies (CGS)


The Center for Graduate Studies (CGS) of Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) was established on 1 October 2020. The center plays a crucial role in the administration, development, and management of all postgraduate programs, including Doctorate’s Degree, Master's Degree (Research Mode), and Master's Degree (Coursework Mode). In addition, the center is also involved in a wide range of research activities, especially those involving various short-term research grants.
On a general perspective, our CGS is divided into five main units, namely The Administration Unit, The Student Data Entry & Records Unit, The Viva Voce / Examination Unit, The Lecture & Scheduling Unit, and lastly, The Pass and Viva Unit. The establishment of these five units is to ensure the smooth administration and governance of CGS.

Vision and Mission

To be the Postgraduate Educational Institution of Choice for Shariah-Compliant Programs at the International Level.

Producing human beings who could contribute knowledge to the excellence of the Ummah.

Student Charter

  1. Ensure that all new students’ applications are processed within 3 months from the date of application for the purpose of admission.
  2. Ensure that all new students shall be given briefings and introductory orientations on KUIPs and postgraduate study programs available at KUIPs.
  3. Conduct a thesis writing workshop for students once in each semester.
  4. Ensure that students 'oral test sessions are implemented within 3 - 6 months from the date of submission of students' thesis.
  5. Hold colloquiums and writing and research seminars for students once a year.


Prof. Madya Dr. Bibi Noraini Mohd Yusuf Center for Graduate Studies (CGS)

Our Objective

  1. Increase the number of enrollment of students, including from local and international students, as embodied in the University's Strategic Plan.
  2. Enhance research and publication activities in key areas of the University with supervision from industry experts.
  3. Develop quality and appropriate postgraduate programs including Doctorate Degree and Master's Degree that meet the current needs of the industry.
  4. Improve the skills of academic staff in the fields of supervision and research by collaborating with both local and foreign institutions.
  5. Ensure the continuous quality of the University’s postgraduate programs by obtaining full accreditation from qualified accreditation bodies in Malaysia.

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The faculty offers the following programmes for students including local and international students. Join us today and make a difference to your future.

Doctor of Philosophy

1. Islamic Legal Fiqh Comparatives
2. Fiqh and Usul Fiqh
3. Fiqh Muamalat and Islamic Finance
4. Contemporary Islamic Decrees (Fatwas)
5. Usuluddin and Islamic Thinking
6. Islamic Family Institutions
7. Contemporary Da'wah Methodology
8. Islamic Civilization
9. Islamic Fiqh Management
10. Fiqh of Consumerism
11. Siyasah Islamiyyah
12. Ulum Al-Quran
13. Thematic Interpretations
14. Qiraat
15. Ulum Hadith
16. Fiqh Hadith
17. Studies of Islamic and Arab Civilizations

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