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Client Charter
Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs)

KUIPs with full determination and commitment strives to realize the mission, vision and objective of KUIPs to become a internationally renowned leading Islamic University College which offers the integration of traditional and contemporary Islamic studies programs in line with the motto of “Syumul, Taqwa and Dynamic”, to meet Customer rights as follows:

- Provide integration of traditional and contemporary Islamic studies programs in various fields recognized by Government, Accreditation Body and Professional Bodies and meet industry requirements.

- Provides the best synergy in quality of services and infrastructure Support the learning and teaching process.

- Ensure that students graduate within the prescribed period after fulfilling the requirements of the prescribed studies and possessing the Quranic and As-Sunnah-based Insanity values.

-Provides a conducive and comprehensive facility and work space with various technology and software systems to smooth out the work processes in line with the staffing distribution guidelines.

- Provide suitable training opportunities and career enhancements to KUIPs employees in line with the objectives of its establishment.

- Creating a conducive and productive work culture that is oriented to diversity of expertise.

- Producing knowledgeable and competent human beings to catalyst the development and modernization of the nation.

- Produce research and publications that are able to contribute to the agenda of knowledge for nation-states, and human beings.

- Ensure that all KUIPs are always ready to volunteer to volunteer and to serve individuals and communities who need help.