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Let's Battling the Global Pandemic of Covid-19

COVID-19: Adapting to the New Norm in the Higher Education Institutions.
COVID-19 has seriously slammed Malaysian higher education sector as well. In concert with the government initiatives, universities and colleges are quick to deploy crisis strategy to safeguard their biggest stakeholders– the students. While some managed to flee home, some must remain in the campus causing fear and worry among parents. Authorities quickly provide food and other necessities to the students who stay inside the campus and make sure everything is under control.


Effects of COVID-19 in E-learning on higher education institution students

Globally, due to COVID-19 outbreak universities closed and lockdown, most teachers and students are happy by the move online education. The faculty members of world-renowned universities have begun to get online instructor certifications to deliver online teaching to their students. At the same time, faculty and staff members are learning how to use online learning platforms. Previous, they are using only the delivery through face-to-face teaching. However, the shift to online mode has raised many queries on the quality of education
Furthermore, the quality of education and excellent infrastructures such as computers and IT modern equipment reception are now in massive demand and universities are changing their teaching models with the use of intellectual capital

All About Covid-19

Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) is closely monitoring the situation and responding to the measures taken to combat COVID-19 as quickly and responsibly as possible. As the situation continues to progress rapidly, our top priority is the health and safety of our students and staff, while ensuring learning continuity for students to complete their courses and graduate.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered strain of the coronavirus and can cause illnesses ranging in severity from the common cold to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

The infected individual with the COVID-19 virus will experience high body temperature (38 and above), develop cough and have mild to moderate respiratory illness. The coronavirus affects people of all ages but older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and asthma appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill from the virus.

To do your part to prevent and slow down transmission of the virus, be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, how it spreads and ways you can protect yourself and others. Safeguard yourself and others by maintaining good personal hygiene, including washing your hands frequently with soap or using an alcohol-based sanitiser and avoid touching your face.

We highly encourage everyone (students and staffs) to practice the following social distancing techniques:

1. Maintain at least 1-meter distance between yourself and others in public places, especially from those who are coughing, sneezing and have a fever.
2. Avoid close contact, including handshakes.
3. Wear face mask if you must leave the house

World Health Organisation (WHO) provides explanation on the current situation and here are some helpful links to protect yourself:

1. Protect Yourself
2. Situation Report
3. To track the latest information on Coronavirus, you can also follow CoronaTracker site – where our Taylor’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are contributing research and information, to ensure only legitimate news are shared on the site.

For more information by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH), please visit www.moh.gov.my.