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Faculty of Islamic Sciences is the pioneer and largest academic faculty of the university and covers diverse Islamic Sciences disciplines by combining traditional educational material by connecting it through the modern learning technique. The courses offered are trying to produce graduates not only excel academically, but also enable them to enlighten and describes the benefits and beauty of Islam should be practiced in their daily life, as a guide to the life of Islam, as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and to spread his teachings and disseminate the Islamic knowledge.

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Encourage the students to get the Competency and prepare them to be proficient scholars, researchers and help them to be a specific thinkers in Islamic shar’iyyah ,in addition to support them to get high ability of practicing their scientific research in the societies based on the high performance concept in teaching, training, developing the technical skills required in the fields of knowledge and connect it to its application with respect to the shar’iyyah and current issues.

Dr. Abdul Basir bin Awang Faculty Islamic Studies
Faculty Dean

Background Study


Faculty Islamic Studies program has been offered at Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) since the xxx academic session as a minor program. Since its inception, this program has been well received by students. The section consists of less than 10 academic staff who are experts in a wide range of fields within the discipline, including Islamic thought, Islamic studies and so on. Our broad spectrum of expertise provides a strong multidisciplinary environment Our graduates go on to a wide range of careers. Many of our Diploma and Bachelor Degree graduates progress to next level of study. Our graduates have also gone on to work at universities, teacher training institutes, in finance, management, training and human development, and consultancy. Graduates from a number of our programs work with governmental and non-governmental agencies and organisations or teach in schools and colleges.

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The faculty offers the following programmes for students including local and international students. Join us today and make a difference to your future.

Foundation in Islamic Studies

Reference Number: MQA/FA 6032 (13 February 2018)
KPT Reference: R/010/3/0365

Diploma in Islamic Studies

Reference Number: MQA/FA 4858 (19 September 2017)
KPT Reference: R/221/4/0168

Diploma in Arabic Language Studies

Reference Number: MQA/PA 9534 (12 Mac 2018)
KPT Reference: N/224/4/0084

Diploma in Syariah

Reference Number: MQA/PA 4859
KPT Reference: R/221/4/0165

Bachelor of Islamic Studies

Reference Number: MQA/PA 7412
KPT Reference: N/221/6/0183

Bachelor in Syariah (Islamic Economics)

Reference Number:
KPT Reference: