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Follow these instructions carefully. Fully complete the online application and also complete and mail the paper version of the International Student Application with your documents. Please make sure that all your documents bear your name exactly as written in your passport and academic records

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How To Apply [International Applicant]

1. This page is to focus for an international students who are will joining as KUIPs new intake to refers to Malaysia’s National policy and regulation.
2. Please take note and follow the admission process provided step by step and fill all the information as required.
3. If you have any query about an international admission, please do contact us through an International Affair Officer.

Step 1 : Application

DISCLAIMER (Please Read and Understand the Terms Before Applying).
Applicants are required to refer to and follow the methods of applying online as instructed below. Therefore, if the applicant wants to submit any questions and inquiries related to the online application, you can click the picture button of the advisor line through the WhatsApp platform in the bottom menu.


1. Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) fully adopts the Online Admission Application for New Student Admission Application.
2. Applicants need to complete the application to enable the application to be processed to the next stage.
3. Applicants must provide documents in Image (Photo) in JPEG format for IDENTIFICATION CARD, PICTURE, ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS (SPM, STPM, STAM, ETC) for the purpose of activating the application process.
4. Applicants must also enter an active EMAIL for the purpose of activating the application process.
5. The application approval process by the faculty is up to 5 - 7 working days after the complete application is received.
6. The offer letter can be checked by the applicant by downloading it on the official website of KUIPs and no offer letter will be sent by post to the applicant.
7. Please click on the Online Application Link under the Duty Officer in the marketing department you have contacted or click on the LINK link sent to you.

Step 2 : Processing (Selection Committee) (3-5 days processing)

Step 3 : Conditional Offer Letter & Offer Letter (3-5 days processing)

Step 4 : Complete document for VISA EMGS

Step 5 : Payment of EMGS

Step 6 : EMGS Process (6 Weeks and above)

Step 7 : Receiving VAL

Step 8 : Plan Your Travel Minimum 14 days prior to Travel Date

Step 9 : Student Arrival

Step 10 : Personal Bond

Step 11 : Post Medical Screening (2-3 days upon arrival)

Basic Entry Requirement - International Students


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Flow of Application


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(Checklist for Student Pass Application)

Checklist for Application


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(List of Countries- VISA)

List of Countries (VISA)


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(Frequently Ask Question - FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)