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Scholarship for Malaysian Students

  •   Updated : June 2021 

Financing of Study

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Financing of Study
The financing of study is one of the important issues in the selection of educational institutions because it involves the costs that will be borne by the students or be provided by the institution. At Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs), we provide full financing of the study from the funding provider body.
There are 3 main category of such financing in KUIPs:
1. Scolarship
2. PTPTN Loan
3. Self-Financing

MAIPs Higher Education Scholarship (BPTM) 2021
At Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs), one of the very special advantages is the offer of scholarship. MAIPs Higher Education Scholarship (BPTM) is a financing package for a full scholarship study by the Council of Islamic Religion and Malay Custom Perlis (MAIPs). The scholarship, which was first offered in 2017, provides opportunities for underprivileged students as well as those who are eligible to be funded by scholarships for the Diploma or Degree level.
This scholarship has pre-determined quotas; which are as follow:
1. For Local Students (Open to All Malaysians) 300 Quotas A Year.
2. For International Students (Open) 150 Quotas A Year.

MAIPs Higher Education Scholarship (BPTM) 2021 has several packeages as listed below:
• Full Sponsorship of Fee for the entire study period
• Dormitory facilities are available
• Living allowance / Pocket Money is provided for the entire duration of the study
• No Registration Fee will be charged during the registration day.

The application process and conditions are as follows:
1. Students must apply for admission to Diploma or Degree level at Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs).
2. Students must pass the admission screening and must be offered the admission offer.
3. For students in Asnaf Category (B40) and Fissabilillah Category (M40), students will receive a Scholarship Offer Letter depending on the availability of the current quota.
4. Scholarship offers given are subjected to the Confirmation of Acceptance of Offers by the appropriate parties and the available quota.
5. Students must confirm the Acceptance of the Offer within the allotted time for admission to guarantee the place of scholarship that has been offered. (Refer to the Process of Confirmation of Acceptance of Offers on the KUIPs Website).

Skim Tajaan Ehsan Kelestarian Akademik (TEKAd)
Skim Tajaan Ehsan Kelestarian Akademik (TEKAd) is a scholarship provided by Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis (KUIPs) for Foundation Program students.
: The Application Process and Conditions are as follows:
a) Skim Tajaan Ehsan Kelestarian Akademik (TEKAd) has offered Foundation Program students to pay for their program registration fee; RM350 for the Muamalah Foundation Program and RM750 for the Islamic Studies Foundation Program. Fees for each subsequent semester will occur in a 'wave' if the student achieves the targeted Grade Point Average (GPA) as mentioned in the Skim Tajaan Ehsan Kelestarian Akademik (TEKAd) without having to pay for tuition fees using their own expense if the student achieves a GPA of 3.67 and above .

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)
(Local Students Only)
In addition to the scholarship offer, KUIPs also provides loans under the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN). As not all applications will be offered scholarships, PTPTN is the best option provided by KUIPs in helping students to further their studies at this institution of higher learning.
The application process and conditions are as follows:
Pre-Application Registration
1. Purchase of PTPTN PIN Number at the nearest BSN branch
2. Opening of SSPN Account
3. Opening of Islamic Bank Account
4. Preparation of Documents
Post-Application Registration
1. Online Application
(Based on the Batch date as set by KUIPs as below)

a) Februari Intake
First Batch (1 March-31 March)
Second Batch (1 April-30 April)
b) September Intake
First Batch (1 March-30 September)
Second Batch (1 October-31 October)

2. Documents Submission

MAIPs Early Study Aid
For students from Perlis who are offered MAIPs Higher Education Scholarships (BPTM) 2021, you are no longer eligible to apply for this ‘One Off’ aid. This is because of the provision that has been included in the MAIPs Higher Education Scholarships (BPTM) 2021 that you receive. However, for students from other states than Perlis, you can apply for this ‘One Off’ aid at their respective places.
Other Fundings and Scholarship
KUIPs does not prohibit any students who wish to apply for funding other than those offered by KUIPs through other agencies that offer study funding. However, it needs to be managed by the students themselves.

Example :
Biasiswa Yayasan Angkasa
Biasiswa Yayasan Sabah
Yayasan Bank Rakyat
Koperasi Angkatan Tentera


When is the opening of application to enter KUIPs?

Application for foundation, diploma and degree at KUIPs is open throughout the year.

February Intake

September Intake